Should You Add Live Chat To Your Website?

Many business owners wonder if they should be adding live chat to their websites. There are a number of benefits that come from having live chat available and you need to consider this. Understanding the benefits can help you determine if live chat for your website is the best solution.

Customer Convenience

When you have a business website, you need to always think about the customer experience. One factor in the customer experience is customer convenience. You need to try and make everything on your website as convenient for the customer as possible and this is where live chat can help you.

A live chat system offers your potential customers immediate access to help. The wait times for live chat will generally be much shorter than a call center and your customer can do something else while they wait. A recent study has found that around 90% of customer’s state that they find live chat to be helpful and 63% state they are more likely to return to a website that offers this.

Cutting Down Expenses

All businesses need to look at ways to cut down on their expense and using live chat is a method you should consider. Many people do not realize that live chat will be a cheaper option than other support routes. Live chat software has been proven to save employee task time and phone expenses.

Some of the most noticeable cost reductions that you will see include a lowering of the average interaction cost for support. Efficiency will also be increased when you use live chat in your business because a single live chat operator is able to handle more than one conversation at a time. Of course, this might not be something that impacts your business too greatly if you are still relatively small, but it can help as you expand.

An Increase In Sales

The general trend with live chat is that it can improve your overall sales figures. This is due to a number of reasons including the fact that potential customers will have immediate help that can walk them through a sale. If the customer has any questions about a product or service, the live chat operator will be able to help them immediately without a break in the sale process. This will help reduce the number of customers who bounce away to other retail websites.

Adding a live chat to your website.

Additionally, once a customer has been engaged by a live chat operator, there is an increased chance of an upsell. Additional products can be suggested to the customer by the operator who is able to understand their needs and is in the perfect position to recommend additional purchases.

The increase in sales can also be linked to the fact that customers know they can easily get help when they have a problem. A customer is more likely to buy from a company where they can instantly get help than one that they have to email when they have a problem. The fact that live chat will not cost the customer like a call center would is another benefit which makes them more likely to buy from you.

Easy To Implement

Many people assume that implementing a live chat system on your website will be a hard task. This is not actually true because of the number of solutions that are available. These solutions all look at making it as easy as possible to add live chat to your website.

Of course, before you work with one of these solutions, you should research them. You will have to look at the pricing structure as well as the reviews other people have left. This will ensure that you are getting the right live chat solution for your business.