Top 5 Social Media Accounts For Your Website

Social media has become a key marketing tool in any business due to the technological evolution. Below are the top five social media accounts essential for your business.

1. WhatsApp

This site creates a platform whereby one’s contacts suddenly become an audience in all and any information that one chooses to share. Through this site, I can share my website with you my contacts in several different ways. These include:
• Creating a broadcast list, this is done by selecting the people one would like to share their website with, and just as you would send the link to a person, through this list, all those contacts, receive the link at the same time.
• Sharing the link, or information from my website through my blog status, which all my contacts can view, and by clicking on the link, they get to view my work as well.

2. Facebook

This was among the first social media sites launched, and although it is not as popular as it was initially, especially among the users, it is still very popular, and a great tool in sharing of information and websites.

Facebook Features and Functions.

The great thing about Facebook is people are vastly connected, and through the site one is enable to see what their ‘friends’ are doing, posting, sharing, liking and if interested can easily access that information as well.
Facebook allows and promotes websites by enabling one to start up an independent page for a website they may have, and through this page can share all the links and information from their website. Start up conversations from what they post about, and spread the word, and all this with the added advantage of having the ‘friends’ from one’s individual page.

3. Twitter

This platform, although the number of character per tweet is limited, is very reliable when it comes to sharing one’s website. A vastly shared tweet means that it is trending, and if this is the case with your website, then you are doing something right. The powerful thing about Twitter is the minute one individual agrees or in some cases disagrees with what you have said briefly about your website, or happened to link, and retweets, this refers to reposting your words, that there is the beginning of a new audience viewing your work.

4. LinkedIn

This is easily one of the most professional social media sites available, and as the name suggests it links one to as many professionals as they would wish, be it from their profession or more. Due to fact that this is a more professional site than social, it is the perfect platform to share one’s website as it clearly shows one’s work ethic, and as opposed to reading about what one does, people here can clearly see. Through this one is in a better position to build up a proper professional network where they can easily get mentorship and/or guidance and encourage from people who have experienced the same troubles and how to overcome. Also through this network, one’s website ends up being vastly shared and they can always count on positive criticism.

5. Instagram

As compared to the above social media sites, Instagram is the most visual, as it is more about photos and videos rather than words. However as opposed to what it was initially perceived by many as a personal album, currently it is being used as a platform where individuals can showcase their work, build up a portfolio, advertise their skillset through the profile, and link up all their work, websites included. This has shifted to the platform where creatives meet and exchange and share information, view short clips of one’s work. With this particular site, it is all dependent on how the individual portraits themselves on their profile, and how active they are in getting their information heard and seen.

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