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Should You Add Live Chat To Your Website?

Many business owners wonder if they should be adding live chat to their websites. There are a number of benefits that come from having live chat available and you need to consider this. Understanding the benefits can help you determine if live chat for your website is the best solution. Customer Convenience When you have […]

Top 5 Social Media Accounts For Your Website

Social media has become a key marketing tool in any business due to the technological evolution. Below are the top five social media accounts essential for your business. 1. WhatsApp This site creates a platform whereby one’s contacts suddenly become an audience in all and any information that one chooses to share. Through this site, […]

What Is AMP And Why Do You Need It

If you are running a website you have probably heard of AMP before. However, if you are like most webmasters you have not heard enough about AMP before to really understand it or even know why you need to have it on your website. Once you know more about what it is and why you […]